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Why Go Green?

In addition to going Green for environmental reasons, being a sustainable organization can add to your bottom line. Greening your facility offers real, practical business benefits – for your people, your profits and your reputation.

for Financial Health

Improve productivity by improving the indoor environment.


Researchers show productivity improvements from 0.5% to 7% are not unusual when improving the indoor environment.

Performance cleaning is one way to improve the indoor environment by removing contaminants that affect peoples’ health. Studies show lower illness and absenteeism rates when improved cleaning methods are used.



According to BOMA, salaries and benefits for a class “A” office building account for $275 per square foot, while cleaning only accounts for about $1.25 per square foot. Recapturing 0.5% of productivity is worth $1.37. Based on an 8 hour workday 0.5% is less than 3 minutes a day!

Reduce Absenteeism


In the Syracuse (New York) Public School District, Barry Moore of Opus Consulting reported an attendance increase of 11.17% after implementing an improved cleaning strategy. The additional attendance resulting from better cleaning led to increased funding in the amount of $2.5 million.

Reducing the Potential for Worker Compensation Claims

6 out of every 100 custodians have lost work time injuries every year. 88% of custodial injuries involve skin irritation or burns; eye irritation or burns; or chemical inhalation.

The Financial Impact of Claims

615Each incident that required medical attention took the custodian off the job for 18 hours. Medical costs average $375 per claim. Lost time for the work and supervisor average $240 per claim. Performance cleaning practices may reduce the risk of workers compensation claims by utilizing green cleaning chemicals.

  • Reducing training time
  • Streamlining purchasing
  • Reducing inventory costs
  • Reducing potential damage to surfaces by using the wrong cleaner

for Occupant Health

Building contaminants contribute to performance-robbing illness.


When employees and students attend work or school and suffer from health related symptoms such as respiratory illness, allergies and headaches, their performance suffers. “Presenteeism” is a term used to describe this problem.

Presenteeism symptoms relating directly to inadequate cleaning include:

– dry and scratchy eyes caused by dust from ineffective vacuuming.

– headaches and nausea caused by VOCs from cleaning products.

– allergic reactions and flu symptoms caused by bacterial contamination from molds and fungi.

Performance cleaning can reduce contaminant levels.

Dr. Michael Berry, author of Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning for Health, was able to quantify reductions in contaminant levels when improved cleaning methods were used. Reducing the source of the problems can improve the health of building occupants.


Study links improved cleaning to improved health outcomes.
Dr. Leonard Krilov, Cornell University conducted a study at The Association For Children With Downs Syndrome School. While Dr. Michael Berry has shown improved cleaning methods reduce contaminant levels, Dr. Krilov wanted to see if improved cleaning methods positively impacted certain health related events and absenteeism levels.

The chart below documents significant reductions in total illnesses, doctor visits, antibiotic use, and absenteeism when improved cleaning methods were used.


Generally speaking, schools have 4 times as many occupants per square foot than office buildings. Additionally, children’s developing immune systems play a role in what they can fend off. While an office setting may not achieve the same results, it stands to reason there would be some level of positive impact.

Improved cleaning methods produce improved health outcomes which lead to lower costs through reduced medical expenses and improved productivity.

for Custodial Health

QMI offers outsourcing strategies and relationships that deliver value to your school.


Traditional cleaners can cause adverse health effects on custodians.

chemicalclaimsAccording to data from the state of Washington, 6 out of every 100 custodians have lost work time injuries every year. And, 88% of custodial injuries involve skin irritation or burns; eye irritation or burns; or chemical inhalation. (see graph)

Performance cleaning utilizes products that minimize health risks.