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How would partnering with a janitorial company benefit your company?




Services such as:

Pest Control
Temp Agencies
High Window Washing
Power Sweeping
Parking Lot Maintenance
Swimming Pool Maintenance

To start, QMI offers a wide variety of services to large commercial businesses such as; complete janitorial services, products and equipment, carpet and upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning, and floor maintenance. We would like to expand our services by adding the services listed above. Many companies require these services to be performed at their facilities nationwide. QMI is ready to take on that task.

In addition, QMI is an 8a/HUBZone certified firm. The 8a program is a nine year program in which the federal government assists small businesses to compete with larger nationwide companies.

The advantage of this program is that the federal government has “Sole Source” and “Set-A-Side” funds for these programs and we can negotiate up to $3 million dollar contracts without going out to bid. However, government agencies are not just going to hand us a $3 million dollar contract and say “Go ahead and start.” We have to prove we can handle a job of that magnitude resourcefully and financially. This is why we’re seeking additional resources. We’re looking to combine forces to generate and increase revenue by tapping into some of the $200 billion dollars a year that the government spends in goods and services. We’re looking for companies that are interested in pursuing these government dollars with us. The federal government encourages 8a firms to team up with private sector companies in order to be more resourceful which is why we’re pursuing this idea.