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Green Clean Institute


With GCI, certification is Earned and Respected in today’s cleaning industry.

Green Clean Institute provides the best Green janitorial training anywhere. They’ve done it longer than anyone else, and offer the only federal trademark for their graduates. Earning a Green Clean Institute certification is a serious accomplishment, and the GCI continues to provide ongoing training to keep their graduates current.

HUBZone Certified


The HUBZone Act of 1997, Title VI of public Law 105-135, created the HUBZone Program. This program provides Federal contracting opportunities for certain qualified small business concerns located in distressed communities.

This is an effort to promote private-sector investments and employment opportunities in urban and rural communities. Small businesses eligible to participate in the HUBZone Program may seek certification by submitting an application and other required information to SBA. For additional information on the HUBZone Program, visit the SBA website at :



The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a non-profit certifying body for the flooring inspection, floor covering and specialized fabric cleaning, and disaster restoration industry. Organized in 1972, the IICRC currently represents more than 3,500 Certified Firms and more than 33,000 Certified Technicians in 30 countries. The IICRC, with participation from the entire industry, sets standards for inspection, cleaning, and disaster restoration.

The IICRC is the foremost authority in certification and standard setting for the cleaning and restoration industry since 1972. With over 27,590 certified technicians and over 3,300 certified firms representing eleven countries, the IICRC is the leading resource for trained floor covering inspectors, interior textile care and restoration professionals. Referrals are available through the IICRC Referral System at 800-835-4624 or at the IICRC web site at